Who Is Masako Katsura? Billiards Player Who Broke Gender Barrier

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Masako Katsura

The famous billiard player Masako Katsura was a Japanese woman. She rose to international prominence in the mid-20th century. 

Katsura was known for her exceptional skill in billiards. Besides, she paved the way for female billiards players around the world. She inspired generations of women to take up the sport. 

In this article, we take a look at some key facts about her life and career:

Personal Information 

Below are some interesting facts you need to know about Masako katsura billiards player life:

Famous Title

First Lady of billiards

Original Name

Masako Katsura

Nick Name




Date of Birth

7 March 1913


20 December 1995


Professional carom billiards player

Early Life and Introduction to Billiards

Masako Katsura was born in Tokyo, Japan, on 7 March 1913. 

Masako Katsura was 12 when she began playing billiards after her father took her to a billiards hall. She quickly fell in love with the game and began practicing every day.

Career Achievements

Below are the main achievements of Masako Katsura during her entire career:

Introduction to Billiards

The famous Japanese player started her career at the age of 13. She starts practicing in her brother-in-law’s room. Afterward, at 14, Katsura started working there as an attendant. 

Her brother-in-law, Kobashi, was an excellent player. He taught Katsura the basics and essential skills of various carom billiards games. 

Katsura starts practicing here day and night and becomes able to compete against men. Besides, she also beat every single man. 

Introduction to Professional Billiards

At just 15, Katsura entered her first professional billiards tournament in Japan. She quickly established herself as one of the top players in the country. Afterward, she won numerous tournaments and set several records.

First National Championship 

Katsura won her first national championship in 1937 at the age of 24. She became the first woman to win the Japanese national three-cushion championship. She won this title six times in total.

Katsura also competed in international tournaments, winning the World Women’s Championship three times.

Record-Setting Career

The famous pool masako katsura player career is filled with remarkable achievements and records. She won numerous tournaments, including the prestigious All-Japan Women’s Billiards Championship.

She set a world record in 1951, becoming the first woman to run 100 points in straight rail billiards.

International Recognition

Katsura’s success in Japan earned her international recognition. In addition, she also traveled to the United States to compete in the World Billiards Championship. 

She became the first woman to compete in the event. However, Katsura did not win, but she earned praise for her impressive performance.

Awards and Recognition

Player of billiard masako katsura’s achievements and impact on the sport of billiards earned her numerous awards and recognition.

Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame

She was inducted into the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame, becoming the first woman to receive the honor. 

In 2000, Masako Katsura was introduced into the Japanese Billiards Association Hall of Fame.

Impact on Women’s Billiards

Billiards player Masako Katsura’s success on the billiards table was groundbreaking, as she shattered gender barriers in a male-dominated sport.

Her achievements inspired other women to take up billiards. In short, she became a role model for female athletes worldwide.


Katsura’s legacy continues to inspire women’s billiards players to this day. In short, Masako Katsura, a Japanese woman, remains one of the most successful and influential women in the sport’s history. 

Her contributions to the world of billiards cannot be overstated. Besides, her skill, determination, and groundbreaking achievements paved the way for generations of women to succeed in the sport. 

Katsura’s impact on women’s billiards will be felt for years. Besides, her legacy will continue to inspire players around the world.

Google Doodle Honors

Google honored the famous billiard player Katsura on 7 March 2021 by illustrating her doodle on the search engine’s home page. 

Death of Masako Katsura

After achieving continuous success in various billiard games, Masako Katsura returned to Japan in 1990. Here she spent her last days of life. 

On 20 December 1995, the famous Japanese billiard player died. According to many people, Masako Katsura’s cause of death is natural.

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